Sofia is looking for a Room / Studio in Rotterdam

Sofia is looking for: A Room / Studio in Rotterdam

  • Room / Studio
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Female
  • 07 Immediately

My name is Sofia Manolopoulou, I am 19 years old, coming from Greece, and an Erasmus student in the bachelor arts and cultural studies. I already live 1 year in the Netherlands, as I did one year of university at Breda, but at the end it was not a perfect match for me, thus moving to Erasmus University. Currently, I still live at Breda, but I really need to find a place in Rotterdam, as it will be a lot of easier for my studies. I have already been living with 3 roommates so, I know what it is like to share a space with other people and in general to communicate efficiently with everyone. Also, I am working part-time in a restaurant already for a year, and when moving to Rotterdam, I have already found a job there through one of my friends. Except from all the practical stuff, I am a very fun and creative person, who loves everything related to arts. I like hanging out and have a drink from time to time. I am also following dance classes in Rotterdam, and in general most of my social life is in Rotterdam. I am a very tidy person, who keeps its space clean and tidy.

General information: Sofia
  Female, 19 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  1st study year International Bachelor of Arts and Cultural Studies (University)