Dewei is looking for a Room / Apartment in Rotterdam

Dewei is looking for: A Room / Apartment in Rotterdam

  • Room / Apartment
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Male
  • 15 Immediately

Hi, I'm Dewei,

I'm originally from Bonn, Germany, but I've been living in Shanghai for the past years. This year I will be studying at Rotterdam School of Management, starting my Business program. I'm fluent in English, German, and Mandarin. My friends would describe me as organized, adaptable, and independent. In my free time, I like to spend my time outside, preferably with others(when the weather is not crap). On the weekends, I often head out to play soccer, party, or stay at home playing video games or reading books.

‍I'm a pretty social person, but I also need some alone time. I'm open to the idea of my roommates hosting small parties. I'm down to get to know each other; I'm not saying we have to be best friends, but I would like to do things like occasionally watching Netflix, playing video/board games, hosting cookouts for friends, or other fun activities.
I am used to keeping common living spaces moderately clean when living with roommates. I do my dishes every day and put away my belongings in my room when I get home from uni. I'm open to the idea of a cleaning schedule to keep things organized. 
My monthly budget is $1000 and I'm hoping to find a room near Erasmus School of Rotterdam
I would like my own bedroom, and I'm open to living with 1-5 other people. If the bedrooms are sized differently enough to justify different prices, I'm happy staying in the larger or smaller room.
Here is some relevant information: I'm sometimes overwhelmed by loud noises and can't stand it when people still listen to loud music after midnight. I'm not a smoker, nor do I want to keep pets. 

Thank You for your consideration! See you soon. (Hopefully)

General information: Dewei
  Male, 20 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  1st study year International Business Administration RSM (University)