Aditya  is looking for a Studio / Apartment / Rental Property in Rotterdam

Aditya is looking for: A Studio / Apartment / Rental Property in Rotterdam

  • Studio / Apartment / Rental Property
  • Min. 30 m2
  • Male
  • 29 Immediately


We are Aditya Reynaldi and Nadia Anienditha, we are very interested in finding an apartment to rent with a price range max. E 1100. We are from Indonesia, however, we have lived in the Netherlands before for our undergraduate degree and now at the end of August we are going back to Rotterdam for our masters. So, payment by Dutch bank account is very possible for us. We would like to rent a whole apartment, not just a room (if this is possible). Looking forward to finding a suitable house that we can call our home:)

General information: Aditya
  Male, 29 years old